Friday, 16 December 2011

Don't squash my duck!

I heard my 4 year old yelp at her brother today, as he attempted to part her from a new toy goose, "DON'T SQUASH MY DUCK". I chuckled quietly to myself, and wished I had a duck, just so I could use that line. Then I realised she didn't have a duck, she did, in fact, have a goose.

I think we all have a "duck". It's that little voice in your head that conducts imaginary debates and conversations with people. It's the voice that reasons with you, that argues with you, that tells you things you don't want to hear, and quite often things you do want to hear, all the while disguised as someone who isn't you. You don't believe it when you should, and you do believe it when you shouldn't.

It rarely stops quacking. That particular duck produces a lot of duck poo, but it also produces eggs at regular intervals, which is mainly why you keep it around. And, despite you blatantly seeing the converstaionalist in your head as a duck, most people see it as something else... odd, quirky, crazy, individual... Not a duck, but a goose.

My duck starts quacking at the oddest of moments, and I"m done wasting those great discussions by only having them with myself.

So here I am.

Don't squash my duck.